About Us

Elexycle; was established in 2015 in the city of Izmir in Turkey. Doing bicycle and motorcycle industry by leading a team of professionals with 20 years of experience in the industry and felt his heart. It has been working steadily since the first day of its establishment to provide the world with the best quality electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and electric scooters at the most affordable prices and to increase the dominance of electric technology in bicycles and motorcycles.

Since the day it was founded, Elexycle has brought more than 5 electric bicycle, electric scooter and motorcycle manufacturers to the sector and has exported more than 40,000 units to more than 25 countries, mainly to Europe. All electric bicycles are CE certified models produced in accordance with EN 15191:2017 european standards, and electric scooters are produced in accordance with EEC European standards.

After many regularly meetings, evaluations and brain storming held by the founding team, Elexycle was born not only as a brand, but also as an idea that thinks and shapes the future. This idea is to stop fossil fuel consumption by rapidly decreasing and to ensure that electric bicycles and electric motorcycles are adopted and preferred by people in the fastest way with environmental awareness as in automobiles.

Although the main goal is to introduce people to electric bicycles and motorcycles in the fastest way, but one of the most important factors in achieving this is to offer the most affordable prices. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize all material factors while creating a production power. This idea Elexycle to have provided unlimited production agreements in consultation with manufacturers in Turkey. With these agreements, all the necessary production materials and production technique for the models to be produced as of 2019 were provided by Elexycle, and both cost-effective and high-quality models were produced and the technology and knowledge of producing electric bicycles and motorcycles were provided to manufacturers. Because basically, the aim is not to be rival brands, but to be able to switch to electrical technology, which is the main goal, by providing unity to introduce people to this technology with the most appropriate conditions and to protect nature. The production agreements made in line with this purpose carry a high production power and a sacred purpose on the way to the target.

Elexycle biggest goal is to become one of the three biggest brands in the world with its name and affordable high-quality models by 2023 with continuing to improve its technology and models by closely following the ever-changing and developing technology at an unstoppable pace.

Bring the high electric technology to our customers without sacrificing quality.  To be able to provide the best service to every electric bicycle and electric scooter user by producing within the international quality standard system.

Appeal to every segment by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level and to be the pioneer of manners.

To spread the culture of electric bicycles and electric scooterss to the whole world, primarily to Europe, and to support the electric technology for a better world by helping nature as much as possible.

In addition, to be a pioneer in the electric bike and electric scooter sector for a healthier world by ending fuel consumption.

Considering the damages caused by fossil fuel consumption, the use of electric scooters and electric bicycles is more advantageous.  In addition, we believe that electric vehicles will be a means of transportation in the future by using human power and electrical energy.

Elexycle - Ride for Future